Karla Bakery


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Price Range : Under $10 ($)

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Adress: 6474 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33144

Phone: (305) 267-9000

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  • Veronica A.

    star star star star star 16 April 2021

    Since I moved to Miami 1 year ago. This is by far my favorite Cuban bakery. The breakfast is my favorite.

  • Michelle L.

    star star star star_border star_border 14 April 2021

    Open 24 hours a day! They have your regular array of pastelitos and desserts but they also have combos including sandwiches. The steak sandwich combo is like $7 and it is huge! Includes French fries and a soft drink which you can change for a cafe con leche if you like. The steak is really soft and not hard to bite. That to me is really important. All in all I was very pleased with this Karla bakery and the 24 hours thing is just impressive.

    Update: I'm taking away a star because they did away with their combo and are charging the same
    Price, fries and soda are apart now for an additional charge. Why do away with a good thing? This was your hook.

  • Luis C.

    star star star star star_border 9 April 2021

    Have been here many times, particularly late night, but never reviewed it.  The croqueta preparada, which I've had on prior occasions, is quite large and good, but I've definitely had better.  Tonight, after chillin at Art Basel with some German friends, I was hungry on my way back to Country Walk.  Unfortunately, there was no guava and cheese left at 3 A.M., but I still had 2 delicious, flaky, and filling pastelitos de coco and one guava.  The lady there was very nice, by the way.Grand total: $3.21.  Just found out they have a 24/7 location on 137 and coral way, so definitely gonna have to review that one.  

    12/14: was hungry for late night eats, so I got a pan con lechón, 2 tequeños, 2 guava n cheese pastelitos n a small cafe con leche.  Café con leche was on point and delicious, the pork on the pan was kinda dry (then again it was 1130 pm), and the guava n cheese were just ok.  Service was great by hard working and sweet Arelys.  Will be back!

  • Carlos A.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 30 March 2021

    We were shocked at how bad the food was (some of the desserts are another story).  The only reason this didn't get one star is that some of those are good.

    Our party consisted of three generations of Cubans--we may have tasted some Cuban food in the past.  At first we were all silent, a rarity in our culture.  When someone finally talked, we all had the same thought.  That the food was so shockingly bad we assumed it had to be just ours or just our tastes.  But no...

    Papas rellenas:  The outside was perfectly crispy, thin, and light.  That's where the awesomeness ended.  The meat was completely cold, and the potato was insanely salty.  Like hurt your mouth salty.  Just awful.

    Croquetas de jamón:  Seemed like they had been out in the case for a day.  Very mushy outside and just a weird texture.  Extremely salty also.

    Croquetas de la casa (beef):  SALT!!!!  SALT!!!  There were some spices hidden in there somewhere.  Did I mention that salt is all you taste?  Even the person in my party who adds unnecessary salt to everything said this was too much.

    The pastry that should be filled with real guava and some cream cheese was instead filled with some sort of thin jelly that tasted like a bad jelly donut, and some kind of strangely lumpy cheese.  (I'll upload a photo of it.) The person who ordered it left 2/3 behind with the comment, "Not worth the calories."  I didn't try it, but a 48 year old Cuban knows what it should taste like.

    The pastry with ham and cheese inside was described as "plastic cheese with some paper-based ham."  No flavor, oil texture.  At least it wasn't salty.

    The cod croquetas got a good review from two people.  I personally didn't like them, but that's only my taste, the others did like them.

    The two shakes tasted like tiny amounts of fake fruit and a little sugar.  Both people discarded them.

    The two family-size desserts we picked up for a party were well received.  I don't eat junk food, but everyone who tried them said they were very good.  They are the only reason this isn't a 1-star review.

    Oh, service was super friendly, but also super disorganized.  The cashier had to figure out how to find each item every time we added one.  She had trouble adding more quantities of each item as each person ordered.  The order for five people took close to ten minutes.  Friendly and patient, but inefficient.  Then they brought out some items, but left others on the counter.  Took a long time to get water, and we were needed in NOW because of all the salt.

    It took several hours for the salt sensation to leave my mouth.

  • Lauren A.

    star star star star_border star_border 26 March 2021

    I ordered a few platters from this Karla Bakery for a party I had and was really impressed with the quality of the Cuban sandwiches, bocaditos, croquetas and pastelitos for the price. Usually when I come to this Karla Bakery it's because I'm craving pastelitos late night and it's so close to my house, but they usually aren't all that great.  I would totally order again for a party.

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